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Description: Young, good looking guy. Six feet, 200 lbs.
Skills: Acting, sword fighting, stunt fighting, motorcycle riding (superbikes), modeling, ex-military
Experience: Molotov Cocktail - GreyWolf Entertaiment, The Shimmer - New Image Production, Guy Roland - Director, Runway modeling in a variety of styles and formats
Remarks: Open to all opportunities, will travel, friendly personality

Description: Mature English woman, character actress
Skills: Good with "high class" British or Cockney accents
Experience: Experience in amateur theatrics in England and Canada
Remarks: Retired, available anytime, can travel.

Description: Southern-born, African-American actress seeks role in action/adventure television show or independent film. I am 5'5", dark brown hair, light brown eyes, slim, athletic build, big dimples on face, great smile, gift for accents and languages.
Remarks: I can be contacted at

Description: Brunette with green eyes, 5'4", 125 pounds and a perfect smile.
Skills: Charming and witty person who exudes confidence.
Experience: 10 years of volunteering my talent to acting companies as an Assistant Director and Actress
Remarks: It is my current ambition to receive work as an extra or in commercials.

Description: 6'3", 220lbs, Singer/Actor, Caucasian, 42
Experience: Many musicals
Remarks: Flexible hours.

Description: 42 year old male, blond hair, blue eyes,
Skills: Martial arts 15 years, traditional archer, 41 years old , welder, Enterphone tech..


Description: 32 year old, 5' 3 1/2" attractive women
Skills: Aerobic instructor, weight trainer, make-up artist, esthetician, very articulate and personable
Experience: Commercials: Jiffy Peanut Butter, Money Mart and Pacific Players; Extra work: Beautiful Joe - Feature film and Head Over Heels
Remarks: Seeking film, TV, commercial or magazine work

Description: D.O.B:   March 3rd, 1989, 5'10", sandy coloured hair, gun metal grey eyes
Edgemont 2002 Season opener audition, by appointment, Vancouver Theatresports Improv- selected as audience participator twice. Love it!, Vancouver Film School- winter season 2000, Peace Arch Performing Arts- study and performance classes- 2001-2002

Contact: (604) 536-5770 or or

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Child Actors

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Skills: Beautiful belly dancer, trained and experienced in Eqyptian folkloric and belly dancing
Experience: Well known Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants, instructed and performed in various theatre shows and exhibitions
Remarks: Film industry and restaurant opportunities wanted.


Description: Hair:brown, Eyes: hazel, Height: 5'5", Weight: 115
Skills: Jazz, Hip hop, lyrical, ballet, tap, modern, stage, musical theatre
Experience: Dancing for 8 years
Remarks: *currently attending "The Canadian College of Performing Arts"

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Description: 15, 5' 7", light brown almost red hair, & blue eyes.
Skills: Studied drama in school, auditioned for "You, Me & The Kids". Very friendly, patient, quiet and self kept, but can be loud if needed.
Experience: Limited, but eager to participate and learn.


Description: 20, 5"10, 125 lbs, Asian, 20.
Skills: Singing in Tenor Voice, Adapts well to new situations.
Experience: Extra in "Romeo Must Die".
Remarks: Very friendly and love to interact with people


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Hair Stylists

Skills: Hair Art Academy Graduate (Elke Tobisch), period hairstyles, wigs, updo's, advanced radical cuts/styles
Experience: So Weird (Season), Hide & Seek, Perfect Little Angels, Storm Chasers (MOW's), Avante Garde, Vancouver
Clients: Cheryl Ladd, Micheal York, Kelly McGillis, Mackenzie Phillips
Remarks: 1st place "Women's Fashion Cut & Style", Contessa's Hairstylist of the Year Award Finalist '97, Cdn. Hairdresser Mag. Team finalist, other assorted awards, fully equipped, will travel

Skills: Professional make-up artist, and hairstylist with experience in glamour photography to feature film.
Experience: Educated at Casablancas College of the Arts. Worked with professional photographers and in independant film.
Remarks: Eager, talented, flexible, and willing to travel to locations

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Makeup Artists

Skills: Professional makeup artist, skilled and experienced in all facets of makeup
Experience: Educated at Blanche MacDonald, worked on Outer Limits, and many other high profile shoots
Remarks: Flexible and will travel

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Production Staff

Chris Helcermanas-Benge - Unit Stills Photographer, IATSE locals 669, 667, & 600
6588 Wellington Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7W 2H9 
Tel:1-800-921-9882 Fax: 604-921-9882 Cel: 604-644-2014

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Skills: Musician/Pianist/Music director/conductor/Singer
Experience: Master's degree in Music. Music directed: Wizard of Oz, Bye Bye Birdie, And The World Goes 'Round, Robber Bridegroom
Remarks: Woman, 29yrs old, 5'8", 135pds

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Special Effects

Skills: Makeup special effects, prosthetics, sculpture, creature design & FX, 9 years experience
Experience: Toys of Class, Nightman, Outer Limits, DaVinci's Inquest, "Stargate SGI, MaxQ, Ninja Turtles, etc
Clients: Vincent Gallo, Simon Macokindale, Robert Gulliame, Nick Lea (X-File's "Krycheck"), Trevor Jones, etc
Remarks: Creative, flexible and will travel
Contact: By calling (604) 640-2713

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Skills: Art direction, graphic design, etc
Experience: GreyWolf Entertainment, several other industry, corporate clients
Remarks: Creative, flexible and affordable
Contact: By
e-mail at

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