Location: Hope, BC, Canada
Property: Outdoors and Wilderness Scenes
Style: Mountains and lake
Tracking #: W0001

File Category Outdoors and Wilderness Scenes
Style Mountains and lake
Location Hope, BC
Other Location Details Beautiful mountain ranges surrounding lake with sand areas and camping sites
Interior Size N/A
Interior Features N/A
Ceiling Heights N/A
Exterior Size N/A
Exterior Features N/A
Owner or Contact  
Contact Address TBA
Contact paragon@direct.ca
Point of View N/A
Parking and Access Unlimited parking, 2 wheel drive accessible by gravel road, steep at some points
Surrounding Noise Eagles and wildlife noise, etc
Availability Open year round difficult to get into during winter snow
Owner's Comments N/A
Date February 1, 1999
Other Comments Good prop for outdoor, scenic or camping shots

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