Location: Aldergrove, BC, Canada
Property: House
Style: West Coast rancher
Tracking #: H0015

File Category Residential house
Style West Coast rancher
Location Aldergrove, BC
Other Location Details Quiet residential, near main roads, retail centres, adjacent to parks, ALR bush and farmland
Interior Size 1800 square feet
Interior Features Fire-place, sunken family room
Ceiling Heights 8' throughout home
Exterior Size 1/2 acre property
Exterior Features Large front yard, utility building, workshop, swimming pool and private
Owner or Contact  
Contact Address TBA
Contact paragon@direct.ca
Point of View From driveway facing home
Parking and Access Driveway: 6-8 spaces available on drive-way Road: 10-20 spaces on street parking available plus excellent genny and dressing room access to lot from behind
Surrounding Noise Limited: minimal traffic noise - local
Availability Available anytime but prebooking is preferred
Owner's Comments Very flexible and willing to assist and/or participate
Date October 21, 1999
Other Comments Excellent middle class West Coast rancher and is very accessible

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