Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
Property: House
Style: 2-level modern house
Tracking #: H0013

File Category Residential house
Style 2-level + basement house, modern design
Location Surrey, BC
Other Location Details Quiet neighborhood with good size lots and no overhead wires
Interior Size 3200 square feet
Interior Features Spacious layout with large kitchen, open spiral stair-case and marble pillars in dining room
Ceiling Heights 8' - 9' throughout home, higher in staircase and foyer
Exterior Size 1/2 acre
Exterior Features Beautifully landscaped lot, backyard has terraced gardens and hot-tub overlooking a lush greenbelt
Owner or Contact  
Contact Address TBA
Contact paragon@direct.ca
Point of View From driveway facing home
Parking and Access Driveway: 2-car garage with 5-6 spaces available on drive-way + RV parking Road: plenty of street parking and nearby vacant lots and park
Surrounding Noise Very limited: minimal traffic noise
Availability Available but prebooking is preferred
Owner's Comments Very flexible and willing to assist and/or participate
Date September 15, 1999
Other Comments Quiet, friendly neighborhood. Would suit an upper scale neighborhood shot.

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