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For accommodations, property, auto, prop and talent advertising and promotion services,

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Domain Name Registration (

FREE Domain Name Search and Registration
Every day 40,000 domains are being reserved in the U.S. and once a domain is gone - that's it. So, get your domain name today before someone else does. Even if you're not yet ready to start your own web site, but want to check out domain names, now you can. You can reserve and park your domain name until you decide to develop your website, or register your domain now, build your website and start doing business through the internet immediately.


Domain/Website Hosting

Now's your chance to get on the Internet easily, affordably and with an organization that understands your needs. Reach more potential customers and be on even ground with your competitors. We offer several packages to suits your needs and your budget.

There's basically 2 ways of having a website on the internet:

  • Being hosted by someone - company
  • Or getting your own domain -

Being hosted is less expensive and is a great way to get on the internet to check it out and see the results. We offer affordable and instant internet website hosting. Here are more details on our internet "hosted" entry package:

"Net-Entry" Hosted Website - For only $10 per month you get:  

  • Your choice of name (

  • Up to 5 megabytes of data storage space for your website

  • Unlimited data transfer, uploads, downloads (no hidden cost)!

  • Supports text, graphics, pictures, scripts and feedback forms

  • First-class customer service

  • (optional) Additional MegaBytes 

  • (optional) URL promotion to up to 1,500 search engines

  • (optional) High quality web page design available

If you're ready to setup your own domain we'll take care of all the details and you'll be doing business on the internet very quickly and efficiently.

Your own domain is a perfect way to operate your own internet business website. All our packages are equipped with everything a small business will need. Here are more details on our internet "domain" entry package:

"Net-Domain" Web Server Package (A complete package!)

Only $39 per month for a domain name, 30 megs of hosting
(and free bonuses)

  • Free domain name search for your desired name (Free Bonus)
  • Free domain name registration of your desired name (Free Bonus)
  • Free domain name fees (annual fee waived) (Free Bonus)
  • Free initial technical setup and server configuration (Free Bonus)
  • Monthly maintenance and annual update program (Free Bonus)
  • 30 megabytes of data storage space for your website
  • Unlimited data transfer, uploads, downloads (no hidden cost)!
  • POP E-mail account (
  • Unlimited e-Mail forwarding
  • CGI scripts/feedback forms
  • Graphics, pictures and images
  • Ftp file upload, 24 hours per day/7 days per week
  • First-class customer service
  • Supports Microsoft® FrontPage 2000
  • (optional) Additional MegaBytes
  • (optional) Autoresponder 
  • (optional) NetscapeTM compatible encryption (SSL)
  • (optional) Logfiles (Statistics Support)
  • (optional) URL promotion to up to 1,500 search engines
  • (optional) High quality web page design available

contact us us to design a package tailored to your exact needs.


Website Design and Development

If you don't want to spend the time, money and effort in developing your own website, let the experts at the Hollywood North FilmNet do it for you. We'll do what we're good at while you focus on doing what your good at. 

We offer research and strategic planning leading to the best internet business solution for your organization. E-commerce, marketing and promotions, information database, post-sale customer services or a combination of them all, we can develop a website that meets the needs of your organization so you meet the needs of your customers. 

No confusions, no "techie" talk, no hidden fees, only great service and a great website professionally representing your organization! We take the anxiety and uncertainty out of "getting on the net" and make it a successful, enjoyable experience.

We combine our strategic planning and marketing skills, communications strategies, with graphic design and website development skills to offer the complete package. Our 3-stage development process includes:

Planning Development Marketing
  • Client research
  • Audience targeting
  • Initial strategic planning
  • Systems architecture planning
  • Website appearance planning
  • Graphic design
  • Picture scanning
  • Professional writing
  • HTML programming
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Java programming
  • CGI/Perl
  • Flash animation
  • Push/pull techniques
  • Search engine submissions
  • Press releases
  • Link exchanges
  • Banner advertising
  • E-mail marketing
  • Internet advertising
  • and more

 Here's a sample of some of the websites we've done for clients:  

New Image Acting and Modeling School
Zodiac Inflatable Boats
Limbers Dancewear
Joe's Salmon Lodge
Sea Wise Marine
Sevylor Inflatable Products
.....and many more.

contact us us to view more websites we have developed.


Internet Marketing

It's no use having a great website if potential customers don't know about it. After we design and develop your website, or if you already have a website, we develop a plan to market it to the world. This plan meshes with your existing marketing plan and meets your budget. In fact, some of these strategies cost very just have to know the secrets and how to implement them. We can do these for you or supply our custom made manual for you to implement them with. These strategies include:

  • Push marketing strategies

  • Pull marketing strategies

  • Promotional materials upgrades

  • Link exchanges

  • E-mail marketing

  • Banner advertising

  • Business signage

  • Constant personal reference

  • and much more

contact us us to learn more about internet marketing.


Search Engine Submission

It's no use having a great website if potential customers can't find it. Search engine and directory submissions are an important aspect of getting found on the internet. Although website and internet marketing is a mix of strategies, search engine submission is a key to attracting new visitors to your business who would otherwise never know of you, never know of your website and never do business with you.

contact us us to find out more about search engine submissions.



Banner Advertising - On The Hollywood North Film Network

Banner advertising, especially targeted advertising on related websites,  is now one of the best ways on the Internet  to draw traffic to your website.
We place your full colour, graphic banner ad containing your logo, company name and a brief description, on one of our pages, linking directly to your website. The traffic from our website clicks through to yours.

contact us us to find out more about banner ads.


The Cost For These Services?

Much less than you think. Contact us with your ideas, and we'll discuss how we can get your business on the internet successfully while meeting your budget.

contact us us to take your business on the internet.


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