film industry information in vancouver, bc, hollywood north

film industry information in vancouver, bc, hollywood north Exciting Investment Opportunity
"Don't just dream about being part of something really exciting, do it!"
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The Hollywood North FilmNet is offering investment opportunities to individuals and organizations to help us develop the Internet's most interesting and comprehensive film industry website. Contributions toward reaching this goal can include:

  • financial donations
  • financial investments
  • business exchanges
  • corporate sponsorships
  • equipment and technology
  • industry networking opportunities
  • and more.
A return on investment for you can occur in several different ways including:
  • financial returns
  • advertising options
  • industry publicity
  • philanthropic benefits
  • internet marketing options
  • feelings of personal accomplishment
  • a belonging to something successful
  • and more
Our passion for the film industry, combined with our business experience and your contributions, will lead us to accomplishing this goal. The BC film industry generated billions of dollars and is growing annually.

For more information on investing in the this new media project for the film industry and becoming part of an interesting and potentially rewarding opportunity, contact us

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