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Post your comments, questions and answers to film industry related topics on this bulletin board. Check back later to see responses and counter comments. Illegal, offensive or otherwise insulting language or comments will not be accepted. Editing of submitted comments is at the discretion of the editor.

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I'm looking for TVC directors for my new established production company in Istanbul/ Turkey. If this is your concern I would like to receive show reels of them. If it is possible,
please contact me via this e-mail.

Back in the early 50's an artist by the name of Charles Pearson was creating portraits of Hollywood Stars drawn/pressed into copper sheet. Does anyone know the whereabouts of this artist or of his art work.

I am looking for an Eagle Plaque that was used in the Thomas Crown Affair  (1968). During the "Chess Scene" the camera pans the Library walls and shows an Eagle Plaque. I would like to purchase this plaque, preferably, or a facsimile there of.

"I have some ideas I would like written up as screenplays and would like to know what the cost and time periods might be. Contact me by e-mail at

"Wow, BC's film industry is doing great in 2001 already. Will it continue to grow or is this a special year?" Peter

"Does much filming get done on Vancouver island and in the BC interior?" Tina

"Great website! I like all the information you have. I'll visit often." Bob

The Hollywood North FilmNet is not liable for the accuracy or reliability of any information posted on this bulletin board. It is at our discretion that we may edit and/or not post any bulletins that may be offensive, illegal or otherwise unprofessional and that may reflect poorly upon us or our advertisers.

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