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"A website for film industry information, resources and promotions."
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The Hollywood North FilmNet ( is a dynamic, website for the film industry. It was created to offer the film industry a high-tech resource center in searching for their technical filming requirements and to offer free, valuable, related information to the industry for their production planning needs.


We also offer strategic internet business solutions to the film industry and related organizations. From website hosting and development to advertising and promotions.

The Hollywood North FilmNet offers potential filming locations to film studios, location managers and site scouts locally and internationally through their internet-based location library called "SiteNet". It also offers a variety of vehicles through "AutoNet"; numerous businesses through "BizNet"; interesting and unique props through "PropNet" and talented individuals through "TalentNet".

Find out how to advertise your property, auto, prop or talent ?

We do not charge film industry personnel fees to use the information or resources listed on this website!

Other unique features about this website include:

  • The local film industry shoot list
  • Weather reports for production planning
  • Maps for production travel planning
  • Mileage charts for production travel planning
  • Financing information and bulletin board
  • An industry chat bulletin board
  • and more coming all the time!

The Hollywood North FilmNet takes location, vehicle, business, prop and talent scouting for film production to a new high-tech level. Using the Internet they're putting BC properties and residents on-line and in touch with the film industry. This gives residents and businesses the opportunity to become part of the local film industry. We hope this will help the industry grow, offer local employment opportunities, raise the reputation of BC as a prime filming and production location, and contribute to BC economy overall.

SiteNet, AutoNet, PropNet, TalentNet, and BizNet libraries are free services to the industry. Each library offers color pictures (panoramic pictures in SiteNet) and detailed descriptions in a user friendly, yet secure format. Advertising opportunities are open to all individuals and organizations. 

"We've got up-to-date technology to help us help film industry personnel. We're making their scouting process more efficient and precise when searching for properties, businesses, vehicles, props or even actors. Our on-line libraries give them the opportunity to pre-screen what they're looking for from the comfort of their home, office or even on a plane"

"We're taking today's technology and applying it to an existing process to benefit site scouts and the film industry in general. We're not trying to eliminate site scouts or location managers, instead we're here to build relationships in this fun and exciting industry and help make their jobs easier."

"Our goal is to become the Internet's largest, most interesting and comprehensive website for the rapidly growing Canadian film industry."                       

The Hollywood North FilmNet also offers a variety of free and paid promotional services to businesses and film industry related organizations. These include business listings, advertisements, website development, marketing assistance and more.

Quotes and Press Coverage

"Two local entrepreneurs hope to bring Hollywood to your living rooms - quite literally. Above all, they want the company to give people an opportunity to make some cash and catch some of the glitter of Hollywood."
                    Peace Arch News

"They have big plans for the film industry in BC. And have set their sites on the rest of Canada and North America too."
                           Langley Times

"There is a need for the quickness and convenience of the Internet. The Hollywood North FilmNet is the infusion of new locales and other resources into the industry done in a convenient manner. This is a good thing."
                            Bob Kay, Greywolf Entertainment

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